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Iced Coffee and Self Care ®

Feb 15, 2022

Three simple words that can change your day or for someone that you care about. How are you? During ongoing times of high stress, anxiety, and other tolls on mental health it important that we also check in with ourselves. Be open to checking in with yourself just like you do your family and friends. You are not meant to always carry the heavy load of all the things. It is time that we consider how to accept the help and space that others create for us.

This week topics include mental health, loving yourself, setting up for your season of overflow, and much more. Yes, the conversations are getting even deeper as we continue to do the work to prioritize self care. It is so necessary to talk about our various self care needs. I am cheering for you on your journey and I hope that you take away something from this episode to help you along the way.

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